attract prospects before your competitors do.

Get 3D visuals and interactive tours that bring tenants in long before your development is built.



We have a simple but big mission - to bring your new project to life in a way that makes you stand out from your competition.

We do more than just produce jaw-dropping visuals and interactive campaigns for future real estate - we create experiences that intrigue, excite and inspire people in an unforgettable manner.

At KNTXT, innovation is at the core of everything we create. We never stop looking for better, smarter ways to do things. We are a team of game-changers with an undying passion to push the industry forward with every bit of our work. 


We have one principle - content without context is meaningless.

To set the context right, our process has three key steps: assess, strategize, visualize. We evaluate everything from the underwriting assumptions, architecture & design programming to branding and marketing strategy and identify aspects that matter the most. Then, we put them in the right context, shaping your story to be as compelling as possible.

The final step is translating the story to attractive visual content- 3D renderings, animations and VR walkthroughs that attract and engage your audience in a way unimaginable until now.


We are a diverse group, both by education and career history. From architects, CGI engineers to development managers, we all have one thing in common – we truly understand what all it takes to make a real estate project successful. 

Working in every aspect of commercial real estate, from luxury office and residential development to Value-Add and repositioning, we have learned how to be pragmatic about design and add value through savvy branding and marketing decisions.

Or as our clients would sum it up, "we just get it”.