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If a picture is worth a thousand words, what we create is worth a million. 


We set out on a big mission - to change the way we can explore and interact with real estate not yet built. At kntxt. , we do more than just produce cutting-edge visualization materials - we create experiences that intrigue, engage and excite your audience in an unforgettable way.  

What if you could walk through a space not yet built? Better yet - what if you could change finishes, colors, furniture, as you're walking, in real time? 


Through our platform, we create fully interactive and realistic experiences that simulate physical presence in the spaces not yet built, allowing you to be completely immersed in the future.  Or in other words, we give real estate owners and developers a game-changing tool for presale and lease-up of the future real estate. 


Whether through a smartphone, computer or fully immersive VR headset, our platform allows prospects to not only walk through but customize their future condo, office or retail space as they are exploring it, creating engagement and interaction unimaginable until now. 


Want to hear all the possibilities?



You want to boost up your lease-up and secure high occupancy before project delivery but don't really want to give prospects the option of customizing things? We get that's the case sometimes. 


/'käntekst/ 360  allows you to virtually walk through and experience the full 360 degrees of future spaces. Created in the form of a web-page, this platform gives users the opportunity to get immersed in the space yet to be built or remodeled from any device,  with no specific apps or downloads needed, by simply just clicking on a link.


Working on any device and operating system without additional optimization, this is the ideal solution for web-marketing and social media engagement with amazing projects you're about to bring to life.


Would you rather read this paragraph or watch a short video about it? That's what we thought.



Your prospects are the same way. We build interest and create engagement with your project by creating video animations that communicate with your audience through amazing visuals. This video content is strategically created to SHOW the story of your project and tell important things about it in an interesting way. 


Whether in the form of a landing page on your website, big screen in your sales office or on advertising panels of Times Square - we make your prospects stop and stare.




Despite new technologies, 3D renderings still remain one of the most effective ways to promote and market a future project.  The versatility in application is what makes them a necessity, from web-marketing to brochures and branding. 



We create photorealistic renderings that make you wonder if they are actual photographs or not. We custom model every space, piece of furniture and equipment to match the exact products specified by the design & architecture team. As far as we're concerned, the possibilities are endless. 




For curated project examples email us at info@kntxtgroup.com